964 Cab Continued

Slowly plodding along with our 964 project as we have time. We are waiting on one of the gauges to come back from NHS. The face was de-laminating over the warning lights, so we sent it out to be replaced. A little ridiculous that they wouldn’t sell us a new face, as the install is no different that replacing the odometer gears (different gauge). Oh well. So….we are putting on a cup bypass pipe, so I dropped the secondary muffler …

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We’ve seen it time and time before, but odd electrical issues often point to a bad ignition switch in these cars. Up under the dash is the ignition switch, fairly straight forward replacement with the right tool. Old switch showed some sponginess in it, so this should solve the problem.

Jan 17 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

This poor little thing was towed in with an EML light and check engine light on. The EML light typically relates directly to the throttle body being bad (internal TPS sensors on this model), and the CEL revealed a list of about 9 codes ranging from secondary air injection problems to MAF sensors to cam sensors to O2 sensors. Yuck. But, to get it back on the road, the EML was the main issue, so I ordered in the new …

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Last year we put in a new clutch into this 993TT and did the spark plugs, etc for the 30k service while the motor was out. Today it came in to finish the 30k and to install a new strut brace in the front end. Cup strut brace ready for install. Going with a completely stealth install on this puppy. I wasn’t sure if the amp would give problems, but it cleared without any issues. Installed behind the carpet. And …

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RX-7 Continued

Due to popular request by regular subscribers, I bring you another fine RX-7 post. After getting the intake off the top of the motor, I just couldn’t 100% locate any coolant leaks. It is possible there may be some intake/throttle gaskets leaking, but even under pressure it was hard to pinpoint. Since this car is needed at school, I have to put it back together for now. Unfortunately, I found out that parts for these rotary engines are only available …

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New shop equipment

Jan 17 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

This thing is soo cool.  Got a new parts washer in, look at this bad boy go… Dirty parts in: Some steam cleaning: Hot enough for ya’? Clean and shiny parts!!!

Jan 15 2012 wes Audi No Comments

About a year ago we tossed a motor in this little Audi GT.  Lately it has been having intermittent running issues.  Two thing we found were a baked O2 sensor and broken insulator at the hall sensor. So pull the distributor and here we go: Broken hall: Now we go after the tiny litte C-clips and press the reluctor/sending ring off the distributor to get to this: Now with the new sensor in place: Ready to go back in.

Chumpcage complete

Jan 15 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

So after day 1 we still had a harness bar, sill brace, and door bars to go.  Here Richard is setting the level for the harness bar: Working so fast his hands are a blur! Door bars were a challenge.  Because of how tight the seat is inside the car, and how tall some of the members are, we had to get creative.  So the bottom bar is held as low in the door as possible, but it cannot be …

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Parts finally came in for the RX-7 ABS delete project (Non ABS lines, and the coolant pipe to replace a leak). Since the ABS pump was leaking fluid, and new ones cost about 1800 bucks, we decided to convert the entire system to non ABS. The ABS had been disconnected previously for other reasons anyway, lol. While Wes and Richard were plugging away at the chump car, I tackled this one. The leaking abs pump is on the passenger side, …

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Jan 12 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

This was a quick in and out project that came by the other day. Car lost all power and wouldn’t take throttle. Turns out the bushing in the gas pedal had rotted out and the cable slipped out of the lever. A new bushing and we were back in business. Driver under panel removed to get at the bushing. Hard to see, but the cable is just kind of flopping around in the hole. And the rotten bushing.