One of the most commonly overlooked belts on the 964/993 is the one that you can’t see (other than the 993 PS belt, lol). The twin plug distributors use an internal belt to time both ignition rotors together, allowing the cylinder to fire on both the top and bottom spark plug. If this breaks, the secondary ignition rotor stops spinning, thus no spark to half of the spark plugs. If you are lucky, the rotor stops in a position between …

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Sunday Sunday Sunday…..where are we. Yup. We made a little progress today: Got the SPEC suspension swapped onto Miata 1 with the exception of the rear hub/carrier/axle which is needed new. And we got Miata 2’s suspension back on and back to roller status, loaded up on the car dolly and gone. The shop supervisor made sure everyone stayed on task. But she forgot she was dealing with a bunch of jackasses. So she just gave up and found a …

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Spec Miata Build

Whats worse than 1 Miata? 2 Miatas! Ok now stick with me: Miata 1 (SPEC Miata to be): Drop motor/tranny, remove suspension. Miata 2 (SPEC Miata built car with a ill designed roll cage destined for chump car?): Drop motor/tranny, remove suspension. Miata 1: Put Miata 2’s suspension on Miata 1 Miata 2: Put Miata 1’s suspension on Miata 2 Miata 1: Install Miata 2’s rebuilt motor into Miata 1…except we don’t think the motor was rebuilt like it was …

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Brought this 996 in this week to start an intermediate shaft bearing upgrade as preventative maintenance. I wrote an article for the KCRPCA newsletter this past month, so here is the actual procedure in a little more depth. Up in the air ready to rock. Awolnation provided the beats, and I started tearing out the parts. A lot of stuff needs to be removed including the lower suspension carriers, transaxle, and clutch assembly. The side skirts have taken a little …

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964 Alternator

Still trying to chase down a slow drain in this 964. Stereo shop said alternator wasn’t putting out (insert joke here) enough voltage, which I disagreed with, but we decided to replace the alternator anyway…….now we get to chase a constant awd light on the dash. Great. Making a big mess. Pushing out the old fan bearing and spacer sleeve.

She made her maiden voyage this week 🙂 We are sorting out a few bugs that have popped up (like pinholes in the radiator neck, and a bad starter), but all in all for a 45 year old car, it drives great! We may upgrade her to a 4 barrel carb though soon for drive ability improvements.

The Mustang caused this poor car to get shoved on the back burner for awhile, but we had time to finish it up the other day after I rolled the fenders. Once that was done and all the clearances were perfect, we sent it over the the state of the art alignment facility. We aren’t sure when the last time this car was aligned, but it has been awhile since all 4 corners were badly out of spec.

Celica CEL

Had this little Celica drop by for some work due to a check engine light that was on. A little diagnostic time with the computer and we were showing bad O2 sensors. They look easy to get to…… Then the wires disappear into the interior, so there is a little work on the top side as well.

Beautiful Weather

It is pretty hard to complain about 60 degree weather in January, and being able to work with the shop door open and the shop full of Porsches again. It gets kind of depressing in the shop in the winter time, so this past week has been AWESOME!

Another headlight polishing job. I did the easy part (the oil change), then dumped the polishing job on Wes because he loves it so much. I think it is one of his favorite jobs at the shop, he just goes crazy like a kid on Christmas. It is hard to contain really…… The lights have some significant hazing towards the centers and at the top. Lights removed from the car for the work. Passenger side….yuck. And the difference with a …

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