Cayenne Hand Control Install

Had this pair of Cayenne Turbos come in to swap hand controls around for the owner. Old one is getting traded in, and the new one, straight from the dealer, needs controls, so swap from the old to the new, and done!

The hand controls allow the owner to operate the vehicle without the use of his legs. It is a very simple system, push on the hand control for brake, and twist the throttle like a motorcycle for the gas.

Here is the rod connecting the brake to the hand controls. It is bolted to the gas pedal off center, so the car can still be operated by foot.

Bracket connecting the throttle cable to the gas pedal.

And how it comes through the dash. It requires extensive disassembly of the lower dash, removal of the knee airbag, and securing the assembly under the dash.

Luckily there is a crossbeam the unit can be mounted to firmly after removing the airbag related items and modifying the lower cover.

Tricking the car into thinking the airbag is still there. I assume this is a simple resistor system from the previous install. Easy enough to transfer over to the new car.

And the new controls installed in the new car. Unfortunately since the interiors were a different color, I had to modify this dash as well. Had they been the same color, I could have just swapped the lower airbag dash piece and saved a lot of time. It isn’t anything external that can be seen, all behind the scenes so to speak. I transferred all the airbag stuff from the new car back to the old car so that is now all complete once again.

Unit bolted to the new car.

And done.

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