Welcome to RennsportKC. Porsche’s are our passion. We own them. We race them. We repair them. 16+ years of repairing Porsches, both street cars and race cars, we are your local air and water cooled engine experts. 16+ years of Porsche Club and NASA Racing Support. 5+ years of Pro Trans-Am, IMSA, and World Challenge support. Current Crew Chief for Pro Race team PF Racing. In the Porsche world, the RennsportKC reputation is well known both locally and nationally. In addition to Porsche’s, we are also supporting and building Ford race cars and performance vehicles, including the Mustang FR500S, GT4 Mustang, Boss 302R, Shelby’s, and Raptors.   We are mostly dedicated to NASA pro racing, World Racing League, IMSA, and Pirelli World Challenge/SRO in addition to local club race support PCA/BMW/Audi

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Founded in 2011, RennsportKC is the go to shop in KC for Porsche service and race support.

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Our blog has more technical information than you can shake a 6-speed transaxle at.

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Whether your pride & joy supercar, or your daily driver, you can trust us to fix it right the first time.



” excellent work. came highly recommended & exceeded expectation. “
– Pat,

” Karl and his crew always do a Top Notch job. Very professional. They really know their stuff! “
– Mike,

” Best in the business! Karl is top notch and I wouldn’t take my Porsche ANYWHERE else! “
– Kevin,

” RennsportKC’s customer service is like no other.  Wes even made a “house call” by coming to our home after work to diagnose the problem when our Cayenne could not be driven to the shop.  After he told me not to drive the car anymore he offered to take me to Price Chopper as my husband was out of town on business and I could not drive the car.  Now that’s service! “
– Jennifer Diehl Templin,

” Karl has been taking care of both my Porsches for seven years now, from routine maintenance to major repair and modifications.

But it is his attentiveness to perimeter details that creates a better whole. He is always doing more than basically requested. When I ask him about some possible ripple effect of the work, he always answers—“I already checked or fixed that”. You always want your mechanic to be like this, but he actually does it, treating my Porsches as if they were his own. This is customer value as its best!

– Murray S.,

” I use RennsportKC exclusively for maintaining and upgrading my Porsches and have been blown away by the quality of the work, the speed and attentiveness that Karl shows in completing each project I ask him to take on and the competitive rates they charge.  I give RennsportKC my highest recommendations without reservation and I am convinced that once you’ve had Karl work on your car you won’t go anywhere else. “
– Scott H.,

” I’ve owned Porsches for many years and have had Karl and Wes involved with servicing my cars since I met them. The guys  built two race cars for me and have worked exclusively on multiple street Porsches, BMWs and even domestic cars since they joined forces at Rennsport. ALWAYS satisfied, ALWAYS treated fairly, ALWAYS priced reasonably. Whether it is answering questions, ordering parts or maintaining street/track cars I have never questioned their recommendation and am always pleased with the result. They are enthusiastic about their work and have an amazing range of knowledge. Whether at the shop or trackside their passion for quality work/support at a fair price is evident. From routine factory-recommended service to prepping track cars  I can’t imagine a reason to deal with anyone else. “
– Chris McIntyre,

” The guys at Rennsport KC are great guys and very talented. They have worked on 4 of my cars and have done an excellent job. They have accompanied me to race events to assist me with my race cars as well. I highly recommend Rennsport KC they’re good people to work with. “
– Michael Lyle,

” After getting sub-par service (and paying premium pricing) from several of the local Porsche so-called “experts”, I fortunately found Karl and Wes at RennsportKC.  Their encyclopedic knowledge of all things automotive is amazing, they obviously love what they are doing, and are more than fair in their pricing.  There are very few people in the world (and fewer service providers) who have earned my complete trust.  Karl and Wes are two of them. “
– Tim Abraham,

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RennsportKC is trusted by owners and enthusiasts from around the Midwest, whether it be for something as minor as an oil change; more in-depth like big horsepower upgrades; or even as major as constructing a turn key race car. Visit our About Us page for more on Karl and Wes. Check our services page for more information on how we can help us. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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