Welcome to RennsportKC. Porsche’s are our passion. We own them. We race them. We repair them. 16+ years of repairing Porsches, both street cars and race cars, we are your local air and water cooled engine experts. 16+ years of Porsche Club and NASA Racing Support. 5+ years of Pro Trans-Am, IMSA, and World Challenge support. Current Crew Chief for Pro Race team PF Racing. In the Porsche world, the RennsportKC reputation is well known both locally and nationally. In addition to Porsche’s, we are also supporting and building Ford race cars and performance vehicles, including the Mustang FR500S, GT4 Mustang, Boss 302R, Shelby’s, and Raptors.   We are mostly dedicated to NASA pro racing, World Racing League, IMSA, and Pirelli World Challenge/SRO in addition to local club race support PCA/BMW/Audi