Welcome to RennsportKC where Porsches are our passion.  20+ years of experience in repair and maintenance on Porsches has led to the ultimate reliability in customer cars.  While RennsportKC occasionally handles other makes of vehicles for existing customers, we tend to stick to our expertise with the Porsche brand.  This focus allows us to deliver ultimate reliability and performance to our customers under the Porsche Brand.  We are a proud supporter of the Porsche Club of America, both locally and nationally.  We are the go to independent shop in the Kansas City metro area for Porsche repair.

Porsche 964 C4 Longitudinal Slave Cylinder Rebuild

Took some time last weekend to repair the leaking longitudinal slave cylinder on Valerie’s 964. It has had a slow leak for awhile now, occasionally the 4wd …

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Cayenne Hand Control Install

Had this pair of Cayenne Turbos come in to swap hand controls around for the owner. Old one is getting traded in, and the new one, straight …

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Porsche 996TT P1109

Had this little 996TT come into the shop this week for a P1109 code. The local dealer charged the owner $200 to diagnose it, telling him the …

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