RennsportKC Expands Fleet Maintenance With Ford Racing

I tend to throw pictures up on my Facebook page more often now, and forget they never hit the website. Last year we added 2 Mustangs to the fleet of race cars we maintain with a 08 FR500S ex Miller Motorsports car along with a new 2014 Boss 302R. Running with Nasa was successful for JR and James, getting their competition licenses and getting a bunch of racing seat time. This year we are expanding by adding another 2012 302R, a 2013 302R and an 08 GT which we are in the process of building.

JR and I headed down to Florida last week to look over the 2013 302R. It was raced for 6 races in Canada by Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT, then found a home in Florida where it was used sparingly as an HPDE car. A stop at Breathless Racing to see the car was a great time. Good people and some neat cars running in the TransAm series.

I really liked their motorized toolbox 🙂

Blackie should be hitting the shop in a week or so.

Then we headed up to Backdraft racing where the 2012 302R came from and checked them out. It was a really great stop and Reg and the crew spent a lot of time showing us their operation and filling us in on some details we were unsure of on the build of Big Bird.

Backdraft is one of the big time Cobra builders. They are all fiberglass bodies shipped in from their factory in South Africa. The fit and finish on these cars is unreal.

Daily driver with a Coyote motor.

Sweet engine stand. As an ex karter, they had spare parts laying around to build cool engine stands, ha!

I’ve been busting my hump getting Big bird, the FR500S, and the 2014 getting ready for the year. A lot of maintenance and some upgrades as the cars see track time and we figure out what they need.

Motorsports pads are so cool. About twice the thickness of pads we normally use.

Getting the new vinyl themes laid on by Curt @ Creative Designs.

After a lot of work on the cars, then it was time for alignment.

Wes has been tackling the build on the Silver GT which he will run in AIX and possibly in some endurance stuff. The car was rescued from Wisconsin after the owner installed the cage but couldn’t get the car to run right and abandoned the project. Wes had the TPS figured out in about 30 seconds and the car runs perfect. So other than the cage, we are doing a full build on this car. Ford racing suspension will keep it planted for now until we decide to go to something better.

We snagged a GT500 nose off a wrecked car, built a splitter, and as of this morning Wes had built the front grills, but I didn’t get a picture of it when I was in this AM.

James is rocking the Big Bird this year in AIX 🙂 The FR500S will sit as backup.

Missing two from the group, but not a bad shot.

A few weeks ago we headed to MAM and rented the track for the day to shake down some of the cars. A great day of Porsche’s, Miata’s, and Mustangs running around!

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