Project 3.2L continued

Finished installing the engine and getting everything hooked up like it should be. Got the exhaust gaskets today, so I threw the heat exchangers in place (jet hot coated). It isn’t often I lose battles in regards to suggestion for upgrade items, but on occasion it happens. So in this case, instead of using SSI heat exchangers and a Dansk muffler, we have the OEM boat anchor heat exchangers along with RarelyL8’s pre muffler and muffler….errrr M&K’s, lol It will still sound great no doubt 🙂

And the ducktail intalled. Still thinking of stealing this and the Fuchs for the 964 😉 Now I can get the decklid condensor installed, and hopefully the new evaporator box will show up tomorrow or monday so I can finish the AC system.

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