996TT Fuel Pump Issues

Had this 996TT come in on the hook this week for a no start issue. Pretty common issue in the 996TT’s….start, runs for a second or two like normal, then shuts off. While the fuel pumps are pretty hearty, the lines to the pump inside the tank are not.

Pump is under the front bonnet.

It is a octopus of hoses really. What happens is they will crack in various places, keeping the fuel pump from being able to pressurize the system. The problem is the lines are not available separately, so you must buy the entire pump assembly. We have seen both the rubber sections, and the plastic lines come apart. This car only had about 25k miles, so it isn’t limited to high mileage cars.

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July 26, 2014 at 4:50 PM

Thanks for the new posts!!!! The loop hose (Black U shape ) is failing often these days and you can replace it with a “GATES 27093 SUBMERSIBLE FUEL LINE HOSE” and two clamps….

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