Porsche 928 Steering Upgrades

Jul 24 2014 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Well, it happened. I ran out of 928 jokes. It is a bit of a sad day for me really. So while I sit and pout, here is some 928 content.

This 928 came in for a very severe power steering leak. Turns out the rack was puking out both ends about as fast as you could dump fluid in. So we chose to upgrade to the 91+ power steering pump and line which has a higher pressure rating for turning ease. Not sure if it helps a whole lot, but that seems to be the consensus. I don’t think many 928’s actually move under their own power though, so that data might be skewed. BADA BING!

The rack isn’t horrible to get to, but it is a messy job, especially when it is leaking so much fluid.

Wet boots. They were completely full of fluid.

And after some work, out of the car.

Then it was time to pull the pump. A little more of a bear to get to, but what isn’t on a 928 🙂

Upgraded pump and high pressure line.

And the old pump and mount out of the car.

Running the new line.

And everything back in place.

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