Jul 24 2014 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Well, it happened. I ran out of 928 jokes. It is a bit of a sad day for me really. So while I sit and pout, here is some 928 content. This 928 came in for a very severe power steering leak. Turns out the rack was puking out both ends about as fast as you could dump fluid in. So we chose to upgrade to the 91+ power steering pump and line which has a higher pressure rating for …

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The Great Debate

Dec 08 2013 porschedoc 928 No Comments

I always am a little leery of posting about these models as I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I actually know a little bit about working on these things. The Porsche 928. Insert my favorite Porsche joke here of course: You know, 95% of all 928’s ever produced are still on the road today. The other 5% actually made it home. Har har. Another interesting tidbit. While working on/test driving Porsches over the years and the shop, …

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May 11 2013 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Had this nice 928S4 come into the shop this week for a noise in the rear end and an oil leak on the motor. First thing I noticed was torn CV boots on the rear axles, so I removed those and cleaned, regreased, and rebooted both axles. Then it was on to the noise in the right rear. Typical wheel bearing noise, so that hub had to come apart. And the new bearing installed. Much quieter! The oil leak turned …

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Jul 31 2012 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Have this neat 928 in the shop right now for some repairs before it finds a new home. A pretty cool car, S4 with sunroof delete, 5 speed manual, and sport seats. First up was an oil and filter change. And some general maintenance checks. Typical of a 928, they are a breeding nest for rodents. Wes sucked down and charged the A/C with R12. A very slow leak over the years had run it low on freon. Then it …

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Jul 17 2012 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Ewwwwwww 928! Donkey came in the other day for some desperate last minute repairs before heading to Wichita for the 928 owner’s convention. The last 12 running 928’s in the US were in attendance 🙂 I know, bad humor. When a 928 is running, they are awesome cars. They are just very expensive to maintain, so a lot of them have fallen into disrepair unfortunately. There is a saying that 95% of 928’s are still on the road today, the …

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Damn 928’s ;)

Jun 22 2011 porschedoc 928 1 Comment

Somehow these things are still floating around. You know what they say about 928’s…..95% of them are still on the road today….the other 5% were actually able to be driven home. On the list was transmission lines. True to 928’s, if you have to replace something at the rear of the car, you inevitably need to disassemble something off the front of the car to make it possible, so I pulled the front brakes off…….ok, well there were pads and …

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928 Finished

Nov 26 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Got some time (and the parts came in) to finish the 928 project. 2 caps and rotors, a correct fuel filter, and the TPS replacement harness from Roger. Got everything up and running, now I think this car just needs a fresh tank of gas, some techron to clean the fuel system, and a bunch of road time. Replacing the caps and rotors. Pretty well shot. And the replacement TPS harness. This is a bit of a bear to get …

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Odds and Ends

Tinkering here and there. Stopped by and did a little more of a tune up on the 928 yesterday afternoon.  Fixed a headlight pop up issue (corroded relay), changed the spark plugs, changed the oil, was going to change the fuel filter, only the fuel filter was the incorrect one….DOH.  Still waiting on the new TPS harness, and when I do that I will put on new caps and rotors. Fuel filter and pump location. And the spark plugs. Then …

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1986 928S

Oct 31 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Damn 928’s 🙂 Got called up to help with a 928S that had recently quit running.  The owner had parked the car, and the next day it wouldn’t start.   JR had pulled a bunch of relays and tried new ones thinking a fuel pump relay, lh relay, etc had gone bad, but with no luck.  I immediately went to the fuel pump first, as I have seen quite a few fail.  Checked power at the pump while cranking, and got …

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Jun 30 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

LOL, never ending project it seems like.  Or maybe it is the little puppy that lost it’s way.  The downside of working on the older cars is that the parts supply is much smaller and takes longer to get stuff as it is not regularly stocked.  ……Tackled the vacuum lines in my spare time and pulled the last FPR off to prep that for replacement and new lines.  I got most of the vacuum lines done that I could reach …

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