Porsche 928 A/C and Odometer Repair Rennsport Kansas City

Jul 31 2012 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Have this neat 928 in the shop right now for some repairs before it finds a new home. A pretty cool car, S4 with sunroof delete, 5 speed manual, and sport seats.

First up was an oil and filter change.

And some general maintenance checks. Typical of a 928, they are a breeding nest for rodents.

Wes sucked down and charged the A/C with R12. A very slow leak over the years had run it low on freon.

Then it was time to fix the odometer gear that had broken. If you reset the trip meter on these old Porsches while they are moving, the gear will likely shatter if it is old.

Pulling the pod apart to get the cluster out.

Connections at the back.

And out of the car.

And the odometer pod out of the cluster.

After dis assembly, the pieces of the old gear fell out.

The guts.

And a new gear installed. Back together the car goes and out the door!

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