Porsche 993 Maintenance and Modification Rennsport Kansas City

Had a little work to do on this 993 before sending it out the door to Connecticut. Typical of 993’s with any kind of mileage, the suspension was pretty well worn out. The owner shipped a bunch of product in to me, and I got to work. He decided to go with the european setup of B6 bilsteins coupled with M033’s, larger sway bars, and a set of used Fabspeed mufflers.

Up and ready to get to work.

The new suspension to be installed, along with a front undercarriage protection bar.

Old struts coming out. Typically a 993 suspension is shot by about 30k miles. I have never pulled one out that hasn’t needed replacement

As you can see, the M033’s are a bit shorter to give the euro ride height.

And after some work, the rears installed. The leaky valve covers are next.

Much better.

We were going to install a power steering support brace for larger wheels, but Gert sent us a RHD one which does not fit. Boo.

Front subframe has to come down to install the front bar.

And beefier drop links.

Rear bibbed and continuing on with the maintenance. Since we didn’t have records of a distributor belt being done, we decided to rebuild that along with new caps and rotors.

Come out of the engine.

Caps were going to need replacement in the near future anyway.

Pulling the distributor apart to get to the belt.

Old belt out, and new one ready to go in.

Ahhh much better.

Then it was on to mufflers.

Old mufflers coming off.

And the tips were a bit sad looking, so I got out the polishing wheel and some compound.

And made them a little better.

And installed. Off to alignment tonight, then home on Thursday morning!

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