Damn 928’s ;)

Jun 22 2011 porschedoc 928 1 Comment

Somehow these things are still floating around. You know what they say about 928’s…..95% of them are still on the road today….the other 5% were actually able to be driven home.

On the list was transmission lines. True to 928’s, if you have to replace something at the rear of the car, you inevitably need to disassemble something off the front of the car to make it possible, so I pulled the front brakes off…….ok, well there were pads and rotors laying in the car, so I figured I would just knock those out while the car was here……Pushing the piston back in.

And the old rotor.

And the new rotors and pads. Driver side done…..on to the passenger side, which is likely the easier side right…..

Wrong. I have never in my life seen a stuck rotor like this before. It laughed at my hammer Thor….and if you have ever seen Thor, you’d know that you don’t laugh at Thor…..he will beat your a#$. Using the bolt holes to screw in and push the rotor off the hub…..the rotor cracked! Amazing. Eventually with enough beating while using what pressure I could with the bolts, it finally came off. Wow.

Then it was on to the transmission lines and filter.

The longest line disappears up next to the torque tube. Fun fun.

And the pan off, filter exposed.

The valve body.

New filter in place and the pan back on, and the short easy line replaced.

And the long line replaced. All I can say is…have fun.

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Valerie Wilen

June 22, 2011 at 3:54 PM

“Wow” must be the code word for what you were really saying ;0)
Thor most certainly got a workout today. LOL

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