Damn 928’s ;)

Jun 22 2011 porschedoc 928 1 Comment

Somehow these things are still floating around. You know what they say about 928’s…..95% of them are still on the road today….the other 5% were actually able to be driven home. On the list was transmission lines. True to 928’s, if you have to replace something at the rear of the car, you inevitably need to disassemble something off the front of the car to make it possible, so I pulled the front brakes off…….ok, well there were pads and …

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1986 928S

Oct 31 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Damn 928’s 🙂 Got called up to help with a 928S that had recently quit running.  The owner had parked the car, and the next day it wouldn’t start.   JR had pulled a bunch of relays and tried new ones thinking a fuel pump relay, lh relay, etc had gone bad, but with no luck.  I immediately went to the fuel pump first, as I have seen quite a few fail.  Checked power at the pump while cranking, and got …

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Donkey Completed

Jul 18 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

It’s been a long couple of weeks of work on the Donkey, but it finally left on Saturday.  Usually the 25 year old cars require more time as parts are harder to get and take longer, but everything went smoothly. Fuel injectors back from witchhunter cleaning service.  Fuel line kit from 928sRus.  No offense, but the fuel line kit consists of absolutely nothing special…..about 2 feet of 5/16″ fuel line, a foot of 3/8″ fuel line that i have no …

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Jun 23 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

A buddy sent his wife’s 928 over from some maintenance.  We are going to go through the front of the motor, the cooling system, and the fuel system.  The car already has a beautiful paint job from Travis at TC Concepts in Topeka.  We will get the mechanical stuff knocked out, then the interior. First thing to do was to pull the injectors so we could send them out to witchhunter for a cleaning.  I immediately noticed all the electrical …

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Apr 11 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Tackled the 928S4 this morning that was having a full heat issue in the cabin.  After some searching, I discovered that there was no vacuum to the heater control valve (defaults to full heat when not working), which was the root of our problem.  Next I had to figure out why there was no vacuum there when the heater knob was turned to “cold.”  I started by taking the mityvac to all the vacuum lines to try and track down …

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928S4 Maintenance

Mar 04 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Since project 997TT is on hold, a very nice 928S4 came in tonight for some service due to a leaking radiator end cap.  We will also be doing the thermostat and associated gaskets, and the oil filler tube gasket which is leaking.  An oil change should top it off, just in time for the nice weather 🙂 Radiator fans out and most of the coolant drained. Radiator out, time to clean up some leaves….. We will be having Orr Radiator …

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