Who let the 928 in?

Jun 23 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

A buddy sent his wife’s 928 over from some maintenance.  We are going to go through the front of the motor, the cooling system, and the fuel system.  The car already has a beautiful paint job from Travis at TC Concepts in Topeka.  We will get the mechanical stuff knocked out, then the interior.

First thing to do was to pull the injectors so we could send them out to witchhunter for a cleaning.  I immediately noticed all the electrical connectors have seen better days, so we will be replacing these as well.

Annnnnd the fuel lines.  Each injector has a short piece of hose running from it to the fuel rail.  The rubber is obviously shot!

One rail disassembled.

More rubber….can’t wait to see what the timing belt looks like, lol.

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