1986 928S

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Damn 928’s 🙂

Got called up to help with a 928S that had recently quit running.  The owner had parked the car, and the next day it wouldn’t start.   JR had pulled a bunch of relays and tried new ones thinking a fuel pump relay, lh relay, etc had gone bad, but with no luck.  I immediately went to the fuel pump first, as I have seen quite a few fail.  Checked power at the pump while cranking, and got nothing.  Was able to jump the fuel pump relay to kickstart the pump, but the car still wouldn’t start.  After cleaning all the sensors I could get my hands on, as well as grounds in the engine bay and above the central electric board (along with a new CPS which failed half way through), I was finally able to get it to start.  Unfortunately, it was one of those things where you don’t know exactly what you did that worked, but something got it back up and running, lol.

Found some corrosion on 2 pins of the MAF.

CE board.

And the grounds.

Running and ready to roll.

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