Squeaks Gets A New Exhaust

Thursday evening I was able to knock out the exhaust on Squeaks.  The muffler had rusted through, so I decided to upgrade the entire system 🙂

Old rusty exhaust.  When I tried to remove the few exhaust clamps that there were, they just fell apart into pieces.  While in solid shape, Squeaks is a daily driver that has seen duty on MN, KS, and SD winter roads, so stands to reason that the exhaust components are at the end of the line.

I got the sawzall out, and started cutting 🙂 This is what I came out with, lol.

New Flowmaster 70 Series Muffler.

Magnaflow Cat

Running the rear exhaust pipe up and over the axle.

And done 🙂 There is no mild manner sounding Jeep anymore, we are definitely border line loud, lol. Very throaty on acceleration, but mild at cruising speeds. 🙂 I will have the entire system welded at the joints now that I am comfortable with the alignment of everything.

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