928S4 Maintenance

Mar 04 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Since project 997TT is on hold, a very nice 928S4 came in tonight for some service due to a leaking radiator end cap.  We will also be doing the thermostat and associated gaskets, and the oil filler tube gasket which is leaking.  An oil change should top it off, just in time for the nice weather 🙂

Radiator fans out and most of the coolant drained.

Radiator out, time to clean up some leaves…..

We will be having Orr Radiator replace the passenger side end cap with a new unit, then reinstall.  Cost of a new radiator is prohibitive at about $1500, versus about $100 for an end cap and maybe the same for labor.  The rest of the radiator appears to be in good shape.

Since this car has sat all winter as most of the Porsche’s in KC have due to our awesome winter, the mice decided to make a nice cozy nest on top of the air filter.  The 928 has wonderful intake tubes which make for easy access to the filter housing, which will tend to become a nest in the winter.  Not the first time I have seen this by any means.  If you are running a 996/Boxster/997/Cayman, they tend to make nests on top of the cabin filter under the hood.

That is all for tonight.  I’ll tear down the thermostat housing and oil fill tube some time this weekend.


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