928S4 Continued

Mar 06 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Well today some of the gaskets and seals showed up for the 928, so I got those swapped out.  Getting to the oil fill tube gasket requires removal of the thermostat housing.  It is a really tight fit and one of the bolts is a real pain to get to.  I got the gaskets all replaced, and noticed a couple of the injector seals are leaking, so I pulled the fuel rails in preparation to replace all the injector seals.  Swapped in a new alternator air tube, and changed the oil as well.

This is the bolt that is a real bugger to get out depending on how seized in it is.  I had to wake up the bolt with a bunch and hammer numerous times before it would break loose.  The problem is you can’t get an allen in effectively (at least straight on), so you are stuck using a ball socket allen so you can angle it slightly, which you can’t put a lot of torque on.  Waking the bolt up will eventually allow you to break it loose with the ball allen.

Thermostat housing out of the car.

Oil fill tube.  Note the leaking gasket at the base.

Everything removed and cleaned up well.

I put it all back together, and will be waiting till the radiator comes back and until i can get my hands on some fuel injector seals.


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