The 928 That Wouldn’t Go Away…….

Jun 30 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

LOL, never ending project it seems like.  Or maybe it is the little puppy that lost it’s way.  The downside of working on the older cars is that the parts supply is much smaller and takes longer to get stuff as it is not regularly stocked.  ……Tackled the vacuum lines in my spare time and pulled the last FPR off to prep that for replacement and new lines.  I got most of the vacuum lines done that I could reach without pulling the runners, so that system should be sealed a lot better now.  Also started rebuilding the tensioner unit.

Tensioner apart.  The rubber boot was so hard that I think most of the oil has escaped the unit.  What was left was a pile of sludge.  After a bunch of cleaning…..

Passenger side fuel pressure regulator.  Sparky was working on a new name “Blazing Hot”

Fresh vacuum lines and a few new coolant overflow lines.

At this point we are waiting on the fuel line kit, and the boot/clamp for the timing belt tensioner before we can start reassembly.

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