GT3 Seats and Tequipment Rollbar Install

Time to get rid of the living room furniture and put it to use, lol.  Finally go the mounting hardware kit for the rollbar and did the install today.

Since it was a nice day… was a driveway install 🙂

Pulling the old seats out.

Old seatbelt bolt out.  Since this GT3 had seats and a rollbar in it previously, I was pretty sure at least one of the bolts would be knicked up a little from install and deinstall.

And the buggered hole from the buggered bolt.  One thing I have learned about the rollbar installs, is that you ALWAYS chase your thread holes before trying to install the bar.  I always find a hole that is slightly knicked up, and you just can’t clean the threads with the bar in.  The bolts are a real bugger to get in and out cleanly, so it just happens, especially when a rollbar has already been in there.  No biggie.  If you don’t clean the threads before hand, mark my words, you will get everything in place and go to insert a bolt and won’t be able to start it because of buggered threads….then you have to pull everything out again to clean the threads.   So do it first!  7/16-20 is the thread pitch.

Modify your plastic housings which involves pulling the carpet up a bit and removing the plastic covers to notch them to accept the rollbar.

Rollbar in.  This bar actually scoops in and upwards to the rear when installing it.  Get the bar standing up in the car with the legs all on the floor (slide the bar into the car as if it is laying on it’s back, then stand it up).  Then start working the rear legs up and over the rear seat/carpet area until it slides into place.  Just watch the rear window when doing so, and wiggle each side in a little at a time and all of a sudden it will slide into place.  Some bars pivot from the front past the windshield and backwards, but the T-equipment is a bit different.  This part is much easier than the other bars.  The hard part is getting the bolts lined up perfectly while fighting the bar as it isn’t exactly a perfect fit.   These bolts went in like butter….why….because I chased the threads first 😉  The other trick…..mind what is behind your head as well when you are facing the rear installing this bar……………

And the seats installed.  This is the easy part, just swap over the seat belt buckle and bolt everything in place.

Almost ready for the annual trip to RA.


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