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Jun 28 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Got a little further on the Donkey tonight.  Got the front end torn down, waterpump replaced, spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor replaced.  Unfortunately I ordered the wrong tensioner arm for the timing belt, so I will have to wait for that.  We are also waiting for the fuel line kit to come in as well.  When the 928 came out, it had the longest timing belt of any production vehicle.  Not sure if it still holds the record, but it’s long……..

Front belt covers off.

Front pulleys off.

Timing belt removed and waterpump bolts starting to come loose.

Now….not sure what is going on here.  Always scares me to find bolts with RTV oozing out of them…..

Waterpump off.

New waterpump on.  The funky bolt was removed, I chased the threads in the block, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Soooo back together with a dab of super gray on the bolt and it seems to tighten down just fine.

New spark plugs ready to go in with a dab of anti-seize.

Old plugs out.  They didn’t look too bad other than the rear passenger cylinder which was coated with gasoline.  More than likely just some run off from removing the fuel rail, etc.

When you put in the spark plugs, apply a little silicone to the boots.  In my best Scottish accent……”If it isn’t Wurth Silicone Lubricating Compound….it’s crap.”  There is no substitute and there should be a tube in your toolbox at all time.  The aerosol spray stuff is junk.

Uh oh….ran out of parts, lol.  Time to stop for the night.

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