Porsche 928S4 Wheel Bearing and CV Joint Boot Replacement

May 11 2013 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Had this nice 928S4 come into the shop this week for a noise in the rear end and an oil leak on the motor.

First thing I noticed was torn CV boots on the rear axles, so I removed those and cleaned, regreased, and rebooted both axles.

Then it was on to the noise in the right rear. Typical wheel bearing noise, so that hub had to come apart.

And the new bearing installed. Much quieter!

The oil leak turned out to be the oil pan gasket leaking, so I have parts on order to replace that. The cork gasket was replaced a few years ago when the pan was baffled, and over time the gasket has shrunk and started leaking.

With things cleaned up, you can see the leak off the front passenger corner of the pan.

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