Porsche 944S2 Engine Swap Continues RennsportKC

We got the replacement motor on Friday, so this weekend I prepped the motor for new parts before installing. New belts/waterpump/clutch/etc slated to go in. All in all, it looks like a well maintained motor.

Tearing down the front of the motor for new front engine seals, waterpump/belts/rollers/hall sensor/ etc.

on the back of the motor, a new rear main seal and pilot bearing before the clutch goes on. Using special tool to set the correct depth of the 944 rear main seal. If you don’t set it in properly, it will leak.

And ready for a clutch.

A good picture of setting the reference sensor depth off the flywheel. I have an old sensor installed with a .8mm washer glued on the end to set the gap. Then the working sensor goes back in.

And the clutch goes on.

And the front end gets buttoned up.

New thermostat.

And the motor back in the car. Another couple of hours and it should be ready to fire up.

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