928 Finished

Nov 26 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Got some time (and the parts came in) to finish the 928 project. 2 caps and rotors, a correct fuel filter, and the TPS replacement harness from Roger. Got everything up and running, now I think this car just needs a fresh tank of gas, some techron to clean the fuel system, and a bunch of road time.

Replacing the caps and rotors.

Pretty well shot.

And the replacement TPS harness. This is a bit of a bear to get on. Getting off isn’t too bad, just yank the bastard out, it doesn’t matter if your old harness shatters because you are replacing it! Getting the new one on….is a bit more challenging. You really need a second person to hold a light for you while you try and get it wiggled into place with a very long screw driver. Eventually it will line up and you can push it on, but it takes some wiggling.

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