Jaguar BBS wheel restoration

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If you have a Jag with the BBS wheels w/chrome trim ring this job is not nearly as bad as it looks. 

I would recommend doing it the easy way.  Bring you Jaguar to RennsportKC and come pick it up finished 🙂

These wheels were hammered.  The PO was not kind to them.  I am pretty sure they were vision impaired and should not have been driving.

Air inflation port.

Pretty simple start, use a regular valve core removal tool and pull the the center out of the one space with the port in it.  Then start working around the wheel with your triple square and remove all the bolts (the very first bolt I tried to remove snapped,  I thought I was in for a really bad day, it turned out to be the only one that broke.)

The one with the valve stem will remove with the same tool once the core is out.  The O-ring should be replaced while it’s out.

It is worth mentioning that these fasteners are titanium.  If you break one you cannot tack a nut on with the tig and back it out.  Drilling a titanium fastener out of an aluminum barrel is fun!

Once all of the bolts are pulled then the center pops out, we sent these out for a re-paint.  I used a heat gun and warmed the trim ring.  It comes right off with a bit of heat.

Your naked barrel will have some glue on it.  I took all of this off to be certain that the new trim ring laid down pretty and flat.

With some sealant on the back of the ring, and the center is replaced you can start back with your bolts.  Make sure to “clock” the center and the wheel.  The fill port can only go in one place.  Bolts get locktite blue. Make a few rounds just getting them “snug” then torque to 15Nm.  I go around a second time to make sure they are still at 15Nm.

Since these are aluminum wheels mated to a steel surface with a broad footprint, SB Wheels recommends copper anti-seize on the hub.  It is a VERY good idea, we always do this.  This set on this XKR required a half hour with a mallet to get them off the car.  Not what I like to do to expensive wheels.

In the write ups this looks very quick.  All done this job took a full day.  I also mounted and balanced new tires while we were at, and really cleaned the heck out of the barrells.  So you may be done faster.  The results are totally worth one days work…

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John Petrauskas

October 8, 2021 at 7:55 PM

How much do you charge to replace the trim rings on BBS Detroit 20 inch wheels?

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