Jaguar XJ8 and the dreaded “Restricted Performance” light. Kansas City is full of XJ series Jags!

Mar 19 2013 wes Editorial No Comments

And that’s a good thing.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the XJ8/XK8.  When treated well they are just great cars, period.  Fast, pretty, great interiors, roomy, and the best ride anywhere.

This very tidy 2000 XJ8 limped in with stability management and cruise turned off by the ECU and placed in full “limp mode.”

First thing found was a miss on bank 2, cyl 2 (or cyl #6 for everyone but jag)

Not hard to run that down, bad coil pack.

Now the problem with the ASC and cruise was a little harder.

That photo is taken upside down shooting up at the firewall.  The little white plastic switch on the brake pedal is a multi-function switch and will kill those systems when it fails.

A few new parts and she is purring like a kitten again.  Pun intended.


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