Porsche 944 Fuel Smell Repair

Since this 944 is in for some other repairs, the owner was complaining about the smell of fuel inside the cabin after filling the gas tank full. Since it is an early car, they have metal gas tanks which are known to crack on the top side. Unfortunately it involves removing the transmission and fuel tank from the bottom of the car as there is not top access.

First thing to do is to access the top of the sending unit to disconnect the wires.

Then access the filler neck hoses and vent lines to disconnect them.

Then remove the tranmission.

And the fuel tank. When I was pulling the transmission, I found a porsche part sticker with a build date of 1989, indicating our tank had already been replaced. Not likely cracked as the car has sat for many years, but I was already this far, so I wanted to inspect the top of the tank.

The tank will typically crack around the center press areas, thus when you fill the tank to the top, a little gas leaks out the top and causes the odor. Ours was good, but the hoses were not, so I replaced them and put the tank back in the car.

And while the tank was empty, I replaced the fuel screen in the tank.

And back together!

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March 24, 2013 at 9:07 AM

Your blog always makes the work look too easy. My old 924S had the crack tank it really sucked.

Can you replace all those lines/hoses without dropping the tank on the later cars?


    March 24, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    Not a bad job, 3 hours and it was done.

    You can get some of the late model hoses, but it is a really tight fit without dropping the tank down some. It is a different design, most of the lines go to the fuel sending unit.

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