Finished up our project 997TT kit.  Last things to do was to button up the interior, install the brake pads, double and triple check everything, and give it a bath.   We still have a set of moton’s to put on when we get them, as well as the stage 3 clutch when this one starts to slip.  Old clutch will be good practice for heel/toeing.  Off to MAM it goes…..,. Do orange and red clash?  Pagid Orange pads in the …

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Had a boxster S come through today that was in need of new brake pads, and had a CEL on.  Both quick fixes, got new pads swapped in, and tried cleaning the MAF sensor first.  If it pops up again, then we will have to drop the $300 for a new sensor, but a lot of times they just get dirty and a cleaning will do.

997TT running

This afternoon I got  the car reassembled and fired up.  Need to heat cycle the turbos a few times.  Tooled it around the block to make sure everything was operating as it should.  Unfortunately, a front moved in and the temps dropped with the snow rolling in, so it will give me some time to button up the interior.  Still need to knock out the clutch and do the alignment which I am hoping to get done next week if …

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997TT continued.

Over the last couple of days I have been plugging away on the car as I have had time.  An hour here and hour there, and things are starting to come together. A pile of parts. New Denso double platinum plugs installed. Old plastic intake tubes need to come out. And are replaced with larger silicone tubes. Old intake plenum. Bigger intake plenum which will be coupled to a gt3 throttle body. I got the new turbos bolted on before …

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Headed out for a house call this afternoon for a good friend of mine.  The garage was full at DWR, so I packed up the tools and headed north, lol. First on the agenda was a set of Wevo engine mounts. Up next was an oil change.  Motul 5w-40 🙂  Fantastic oil. After the oil change, we swapped in pagid yellows at all 4 corners and bled the brakes with Motul. The centerlocks had really tightened themselves in there good, …

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928S4 About Done

Mar 11 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Got the radiator back yesterday, and installed tonight.  Also resealed the fuel injectors as a couple were leaking.  After a couple of heat cycles, everything appears to be kosher.  Still need to put the belly pan back on, and figure out some clips for the overflow hose on the radiator (must have been removed by the radiator shop accidentally). Also got confirmation that our 997TT parts will be here on Tuesday 🙂

928S4 Continued

Mar 06 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Well today some of the gaskets and seals showed up for the 928, so I got those swapped out.  Getting to the oil fill tube gasket requires removal of the thermostat housing.  It is a really tight fit and one of the bolts is a real pain to get to.  I got the gaskets all replaced, and noticed a couple of the injector seals are leaking, so I pulled the fuel rails in preparation to replace all the injector seals.  …

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928S4 Maintenance

Mar 04 2010 porschedoc 928 No Comments

Since project 997TT is on hold, a very nice 928S4 came in tonight for some service due to a leaking radiator end cap.  We will also be doing the thermostat and associated gaskets, and the oil filler tube gasket which is leaking.  An oil change should top it off, just in time for the nice weather 🙂 Radiator fans out and most of the coolant drained. Radiator out, time to clean up some leaves….. We will be having Orr Radiator …

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Problems obliterated.

Had a 996TT come in today with a failed hydraulic accumulator. Up in the air.  Tall rams would work best as the jack stands sit unfortunately right where you need to be working at. The accumulator is up on the side of the slave cylinder and is a real bugger to get to.  You will need to modify a couple wrenches to get at it.  Once under the car, I realized the accumulator had been replaced before.   A little heat …

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