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If you have been following this Audi’s progress I am proud to announce she is up and running.  Kris has a lot of loose ends to tie up but she starts, steers, and stops.  He already has new wheels/tires on and a trip to the alignment shop knocked out. Can’t wait to run with it at HPT!  btw- Nice new trailer Kris.

Signs of spring:

Cold and rainy Sunday but I look out into the shop and see this: Convertibles and cabrios everywhere!  Awesome!  

944 Turbo PPI

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Guy from Houston found us online and wanted a PPI on this 180K 1986 944 Turbo.  His plan was to fly in and drive home.  Car just had a local P-car shop help with an engine “rebuild” and minor service.  Car drove out very nice, made boost quickly,  great sound from a Lindsey exhaust. Pretty clean little car but not a ride to take off cross-country in as she sat.  First thing noted on compression test was that “rebuilt engine” …

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This little marshmellow came in today for preventative rod bearing maintenance. At about 140k miles on the clock, it is good idea to replace those bearings. The 944 series is prone to spun bearings which will wipe out the engine, so a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Engine support bar back in action. The poor thing has been neglected for awhile and so we need to clean up some of these oil leaks while we are in there. …

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Had the little Mazda back in the other day for an engine mount replacement. Pretty common failure on this car, the passenger mount falls apart and causes vibration at idle. The dealer quoted over $400 for this repair! The part was about 125 bucks, and a half hour of labor only! Not sure how you get $400 out of that. Didn’t even need a lift….or jackstands…..or a jack. There it is bolted to the frame. 4 bolts. The coolant tank …

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Last week we finally got some time to finish cutting and welding the roll bar in the 951. I didn’t get pictures, but we got it primed, painted, and most of the interior carpet back in.

Did a little work on this Suburban the other day. It came in with a knock sensor code and a lean bank 2 code. The motors are prone to having water get into the rear knock sensor cavity and kill the sensor. I figured this probably was causing the lean code as well (turns out that is something else, likely a small vacuum leak somewhere). The old 5.3L v8. Top cover removed. The intake needs to be lifted up enough …

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964 Work Continued

Got the 964 cab back last week to install some more parts and try and figure out a running issue it is having. Up and ready to work. First thing to do was to ditch the stock cat and replace with a cat bypass pipe. Much better 😉 This will provide more power and better sound. Then we had to do something about that ugly tip, so I threw it in the bead blaster and hit it with some high …

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Had this low mileage 997TT come in the other day for an oil change and a new set of tires. The rear tires were pretty well shot by 10k miles, so it was time to get some new rubber on the rims! Pretty basic oil change, nothing to see here 😉

This last weekend we loaded up Car 54 and headed to the Chump car race at Eagles Canyon in Texas. A 12 hour race on Saturday, and a 6 hour race on Sunday. The car ran flawlessly and everyone had a great time! Couldn’t beat the 65-70 degree weather either? We had plenty of peanut butter for after hours, ate some fantastic steaks (including some of the best homemade bread ever), and got to spend time with good friends. Our …

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