Bling bling yo yo

Lol, had a freind drop his 993 off the other night to replace a noisy alternator bearing…..or belt sensor roller……or fan bearing…..oh hell just replace it all! I endured the scorching heat to pull the fan and housing out of the car so he could spruce up the color a little bit. Tim’s process is the use a high temp duplicolor paint. Multiple coats of paint, then you need to heat it up to cure the paint. So Tim uses his trusty heating device and put the parts in the……….don’t worry Tim, your secret is safe with me (just send me the money via paypal)………After that, a few coats of clear and it is ready to reinstall.

Ooops, you shouldn’t be able to see an engine on a 993, lol

Alternator out.

Ooooohhhh pretty.

Starting the install everything back in. Rags and blankets folks, rags and blankets.

At idle speeds 🙂

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October 7, 2010 at 8:08 PM

Luckily, Nancy doesn’t read car blogs. She did, however, wonder why the house smelled like an Earl Sheib shop!

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