Had this 996 limp into the shop yesterday with a voltage issue. Turns out the alternator wasn’t charging properly, and only putting out about 10-11 volts, a far cry less than the required 13+ Not going to make it too far on that kind of voltage 🙂 Stuck behind that stuff is an alternator. After removing the airbox, the belt comes off, a few pulleys and bolts, and then the fun starts. Getting to this point requires a fair amount …

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964 Alternator

Still trying to chase down a slow drain in this 964. Stereo shop said alternator wasn’t putting out (insert joke here) enough voltage, which I disagreed with, but we decided to replace the alternator anyway…….now we get to chase a constant awd light on the dash. Great. Making a big mess. Pushing out the old fan bearing and spacer sleeve.

Yesterday Wes tackled a quick job by installing an alternator in this Celica. Another daily driver done. No problem is too big or small for RennsportKC 🙂

Boxster Alternator

Had a busy tow day yesterday, lol. Had this Boxster S come in yesterday with a bad alternator. Picked up the part and got to work this morning. Getting into the front access panel. Note the top cover really doesn’t have to come off, you just need to pull the speaker box to get to the carpet clips. And the alternator in the top left corner. Now the fun. Two bolts and the belt come off, then you get to …

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Bling bling yo yo

Lol, had a freind drop his 993 off the other night to replace a noisy alternator bearing…..or belt sensor roller……or fan bearing…..oh hell just replace it all! I endured the scorching heat to pull the fan and housing out of the car so he could spruce up the color a little bit. Tim’s process is the use a high temp duplicolor paint. Multiple coats of paint, then you need to heat it up to cure the paint. So Tim uses …

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Had a friend bring in his Boxster yesterday because he was having a starting issue.  After some basic tests, I felt the first step of action was to replace the battery.  We did that, but it didn’t solve the problem….but…..it triggered a few more symptoms which pointed to a bad alternator.  Before we did the battery, the battery light was not coming on which usually triggered when the alternator goes south.  After we did the battery, the battery light came …

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Finished up the alternator change in the 911 targa the other day.  Voltage output dropped to about 14.2 which is more acceptable.  Still want to clean some grounds before sending it on it’s way. Removal is a bit tricky….. Out of the car. Removing the shroud. Removing the fan Bunch of crap came out of the inside….. And going back in 🙂