996 Cab Repair

A few posts ago I had talked about a convertible top problem on a 996. There were 2 issues, the first being the latch mechanism that kept running in circles, and then the passenger side flap was slightly out of time with everything else, cause it to hang up slightly when the top was opened. I finally got the latch trim piece in so repair was underway.

The new piece.  The tip has to operate the microswitch, if it is broken off, the latch does not know it is closed and will run in circles when trying to close the top. 

Where the trim piece needs to install

Latch mechanism removed and on the bench

Once the front latch was fixed, the next item was the side flap

Simple fix, remove the rear panel

And clean a lubricate the worm gear. If you operate the top while the panel is off, you can see that side hang up and running slower than the other side. After cleaning and lubricating the gear, run it up and down a few times and all should be good.


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