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Finally got around to installing the GMG headers and center muffler section on the GT3RS. Overall differences in weights were minimal. The OE headers/cats were sighly lighter than the GMG headers and the GMG center section was lighter than the OE center section slightly.  The sound at idle is slightly louder, but very civil.  The sound at 4500rpms when the valves open on the stock mufflers, is incredible! 

Getting started: 

We also have a set of quad laser intercepters to install along with the V1, though that will be at a later date.

OE Header/cats

GMG header next to the OE header

While it should be possible to drop the center section without pulling the rear bumper, I think the time it takes to pull the rear bumper will more than make up for fighting the bolts and such on the center section due to limited access. Since I have the rear laser shifters that need to be installed on the rear bumper, I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone.

On the earlier cars, the lower heat shield could be removed from the metal bumper via a few bolts. They have now riveted that shield to the bumper, so just pull the 2 bumper bolts and pull it all out of the way.

With the metal bumper out of the way, access to the mounting nuts are cake.

New header in place.

Tight fit!

New center section in.

And the bumper back on with the rear shifters installed. Running the wires to the front of the car will be a later project.

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