Had this little 22k mile gem come in the other day for a quick pre purchase inspection. ok, this camera thing is going to drive me insane. Have another drink. Lin, add something to your coffee. One thing we noticed right away was the front corner had some paint work done. Nothing too bad, but you could see there was light damage at some point. We were so busy concentrating on the front corner, we almost skipped the rest of …

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Had this little Boxster come in the other day to finish it’s 60k service which required changing the spark plugs and the accessory drive belt. Pretty straight forward repair. Opening the front up to get to the belt. Oil change with the obligatory magnetic drain plug installed. This will help us monitor the intermediate shaft bearing for debris. Pretty common issue with the 996/986/997/987 are the coilpack connector clip becoming brittle and breaking off. This one had a broken clip …

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I last left this car waiting for a new oil pickup tube before being able to button it back together. The new one arrived and looked just like I expected it to…..together. New one came in from Porsche and I was able to start reassembly. The old one. A little hard to see, but the base is partially separated. Everything back together and nice and clean!

911 SC No Start

Had this little 911SC come in on Saturday via Tommy the tow truck. Poor little guy wouldn’t start 🙁 So yesterday we got it on the rack and quickly found out the fuel pump was on it’s way out. It was creating so much resistance that it was blowing the fuse. When we go through a fuel system like this with a new pump, we also replace the accumulator and the fuel filter as they are common failure items. Getting …

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Blog Updates.

Ok, we have been so dang busy lately that I have been neglecting the blog. What use to be daily updates has turned into weekly ones. A good and bad problem to have I suppose. We have been making slow changes to the website (thanks Russ and Josen!), and hope to have a mobile theme up soon so the 1%ers can view the blog and website with their ipads 🙂 We also got our new logo designed and we are …

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Mar 13 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

Being european car guys we usually get to work with a couple Weber IDFs or DCOEs.  A shop we work with quite a bit did an old-school Weber install in a very well done Cobra replica.  This gave me a chance to set up a 4 Weber IDA intake.  This is essentially 8 single downdrafts with each set of two sharing a bowl. Those eight stacks look so cool under the hood. This actually came out of the box close.  Being IDAs there isn’t …

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Mar 11 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

If you have been following this Audi’s progress I am proud to announce she is up and running.  Kris has a lot of loose ends to tie up but she starts, steers, and stops.  He already has new wheels/tires on and a trip to the alignment shop knocked out. Can’t wait to run with it at HPT!  btw- Nice new trailer Kris.

Signs of spring:

Cold and rainy Sunday but I look out into the shop and see this: Convertibles and cabrios everywhere!  Awesome!  

944 Turbo PPI

Mar 11 2012 wes Editorial 5 Comments

Guy from Houston found us online and wanted a PPI on this 180K 1986 944 Turbo.  His plan was to fly in and drive home.  Car just had a local P-car shop help with an engine “rebuild” and minor service.  Car drove out very nice, made boost quickly,  great sound from a Lindsey exhaust. Pretty clean little car but not a ride to take off cross-country in as she sat.  First thing noted on compression test was that “rebuilt engine” …

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This little marshmellow came in today for preventative rod bearing maintenance. At about 140k miles on the clock, it is good idea to replace those bearings. The 944 series is prone to spun bearings which will wipe out the engine, so a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Engine support bar back in action. The poor thing has been neglected for awhile and so we need to clean up some of these oil leaks while we are in there. …

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