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Ok, we have been so dang busy lately that I have been neglecting the blog. What use to be daily updates has turned into weekly ones. A good and bad problem to have I suppose. We have been making slow changes to the website (thanks Russ and Josen!), and hope to have a mobile theme up soon so the 1%ers can view the blog and website with their ipads 🙂 We also got our new logo designed and we are putting the finishing touches on that, so we are pretty excited about that. And when I say we, I mean a bunch of smart people on the interwebs who have more creativity in their pinky than Wes and I do in our entire bodies.

Tonight I am going to enthrall you with about 6 mind blowing posts. Ok, probably not mind blowing, but they might have a bit of interesting information in them. Ok maybe not interesting, but informative…..errrrr.

So I’ll give you this to ponder. Middle of March. 80 degrees. Full House 🙂

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