911 SC No Start

Had this little 911SC come in on Saturday via Tommy the tow truck. Poor little guy wouldn’t start 🙁 So yesterday we got it on the rack and quickly found out the fuel pump was on it’s way out. It was creating so much resistance that it was blowing the fuse. When we go through a fuel system like this with a new pump, we also replace the accumulator and the fuel filter as they are common failure items. Getting the entire system fresh at once is makes sense in the long run.

When the fuel pump came in, I quickly found something else more important to do on the other side of the shop. That left Wes to deal with fuel dripping down the arms and into the armpit.

After awhile in the fumes, this is what the fuel pump looked like to Wes.

We also noticed a leaking rear shock that will have to be replaced soon.

The owner complained about the feel of the clutch and wanted us to drop the motor and fix it, so today I took a look at it. A little investigation work first though, revealed the clutch cable not adjusted anywhere near correctly. A few adjustments at the spring arm, and I got the clutch was working as it should!

The fuel smell is getting better….

After adjusting the clutch cable I took it out for a test drive and well….I don’t know how to say this…..kids, this is where you should cover your ears…….I almost shit a kitten. Never a good feeling when are rolling into a T intersection and have to pump the brakes to stop! Front pads were completely gone!

So I threw on new pads and rotors.

Damn fuel smell must be back. Eventually I’ll get the iphone camera to take good pictures.

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