LSx progress.

Got the oil pan and pickup tube installed the other day and the oil pan on. Ye haw. Crossmember is 95% modified, I have to still fix one edge and then we are ready to flip the motor right side up 😉

Tundra Antennae

An odd site in the shop I know, but a buddy down the street snapped off the antennae on his 08 Tundra, and it required a full harness back to the interior to repair the issue. What nice trucks, I love my 2500hd, but this thing is sweeeet. Oh and it’s big….arh arh arh. First thing to do was to start pulling the unit out of the fender. Then move to the interior and trace the line out. You would …

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Dragon Revival

Oh I’m not really sure where I last left off here. I have been doing stuff slowly as I have time on the Dragon, without much rhyme or reason. My main concern right now is getting the car ready for paint, so there is a lot of prep work to do. Conversion parts are here for the motor, so I will start bolting that stuff together soon. Front panels off for paint prep. I also started getting rid of a …

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The F-75

We figured this old beast doesn’t measure up to a full F-150 with the 200k miles on it, so we nicknamed it the F-75, lol. Got to keep our webmeistro happy so he could pass inspection with the old beast. It came in with an exhaust leak and cracked windshield that failed it’s Missouri inspection (read scam inspections), so we had to get it sealed up before it could pass. A couple of new headers, studs, and a windshield and …

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Audi 4000 progress

Saturday Kris stopped by and we finished putting the rear lexan window in along with some support straps to reinforce it. Then we got the battery box/battery mounted up and secured. Pretty decent progress for the day.

This is a common issue we see these days with OBDII cars and aftermarket exhaust systems. Some systems are very finicky about properly sensing the airflow going through the exhaust system, that if they sense too much air at the downstream oxygen sensor, it will trigger a check engine light. This can be caused with a larger diameter exhaust, high flow catalytic converter, or a catalytic converter delete exhaust. This miata came in due to this issue after the owner …

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Feb 13 2012 porschedoc 968 1 Comment

CAR IS SOLD The following are the results of inspection on Mark Sherwood’s 968 for those following the Rennlist and KCWS posts. Mark unfortunately has recently passed away and his family is selling the vehicle. For interested buyers, please contact Chris McIntyre via email at (Chris at PRICE: Updated to reflect the price I have been told. The fellow who financed Mark would like 7800 for the car, 7500 would likely take it. Anything below 7k will likely lead …

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Feb 07 2012 porschedoc BMW 1 Comment

Had this 150k mile X5 come in today with a few issues. The rear tires are wearing very unevenly, and we spotted the upper rear control arms having excessive play in the ball joints, so we will replace those tomorrow. Hard to see, but the upper rear arms are the issue. After pulling the lower pan, I discovered the oil pan was coated in oil. Not often a pan leaks in these cars, so I followed the leak upwards. Turns …

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Porsche 964 C4 PPI

Had a new enthusiast stop by with a 964 he is going through the purchase process on. A beautiful 40k mile C4, it is pretty rare to see them in this nice of condition anymore. A few minor issues, but I think he is going to be happy. We gave the go ahead on this car and will knock out a few simple repairs on it, and this should be a great 964! A little quiz. There is one light …

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Project 964 C4

Now that we have ironed out all the previous owner issues with the silver fox, it is time to start modifying this puppy 🙂 First things up are a lot better exhaust note along with some additional horsepower. First things first. Getting a decent throaty exhaust like a sports car should have. A Catbypass pipe and secondary muffler bypass….ohhh yea. Pulling the old exhaust tip off, it is pretty rusty and ugly. Since we have to reuse this, off to …

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