Project 964 C4

Now that we have ironed out all the previous owner issues with the silver fox, it is time to start modifying this puppy 🙂 First things up are a lot better exhaust note along with some additional horsepower.

First things first. Getting a decent throaty exhaust like a sports car should have. A Catbypass pipe and secondary muffler bypass….ohhh yea.

Pulling the old exhaust tip off, it is pretty rusty and ugly. Since we have to reuse this, off to the bead blaster it goes 🙂 I love the new blaster for things just like this!

Blasted all the rust off of it.

And a couple nice coats of high temp VHT paint brings it back to new. A great way to spend $13 bucks versus buying a new $200 tip.

And a little size comparison between the old secondary muffler and the bypass pipe. Between the cat and the secondary muffler, we dropped about 40lbs off the rear of this 911.

Old cat coming out.

Much better! New bypasses in place!

The sound is incredible. God, looking at that rusty primary muffler makes me want to yank it and give it a blasting and coating!

Then I called my buddy Steve up and Rennsport Systems out in Oregon for a little more hp with an ECU tune. He sent out a chip for a little bump.

Opening up the ECU.

And we pop out the old DME chip and insert the new chip/tune and away we go!


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