Rod Bearings LSX

Thought I had a few minutes today to torque the new rod bearings into place on the LSX motor. Never fails when you are doing something important that you get bombarded with phone calls and visits 🙂 I think I retorqued these about 3x each as you don’t want to guess which bolt is at which stage after you forget, lol. The LSX motor takes the torque in two steps, 15ft/lbs, then a 75 degree rotation.

Ready to go.

My digital torque wrench that shows you the actual torque as it is applied. Makes torquing fasteners much more accurate and easy.

Almost there. The wrench will flash yellow as you approach the torque setting, then beep once you reach it.

Torque angle specs are something we are seeing more and more from manufacturers. With a regular torque wrench, you need an additional torque wrench angle gauge to correctly determine your swing. These are a real pain to try and use, and not very accurate. With this torque wrench, it will measure angle just as it did torque.

At 13 degrees and still going.

41 degrees.

And 75 degrees. The torque wrench is also smart enough that you can ratchet the wrench back if you run out of room, and it will keep your degree count perfect. Pretty cool. Once you reach your specified torque setting, the wrench will beep and will also tell you the torque that was applied. In this case, the torque comes out to be about 55ft/lbs.


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February 7, 2012 at 1:11 PM

That wrench is badass! Where did you find it? How much torque can be applied with it? I see it has a unit button. Will it do inch/lbs and such?


    February 7, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    0-100ft/lbs, angle, inch/lbs, etc

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