Bead Blaster Fun :)

We have been watching for awhile now trying to find a good bead blaster. The little cheap harbor freight units are ok if you are doing a few small parts on occasion, but the dust collection systems and general operation of the units leave a lot to be desired. So we finally found a nice quality unit for a good price and picked it up. Pretty much a new unit for a smoking deal! And it’s big. A bead blaster uses air pressure to blow media (many types from silica, glass, to walnut shells) at high pressure, thus cleaning the surface of the part. Sometimes getting years of rust and corrosion off of parts is nearly impossible when trying to sand them yourself, but a bead blaster takes a 60 minute job and turns it into a 6 minute job. This is a great prep if you are painting car parts as it will give you a clean base to start with.

I think we are going to call it Steve….Steve is a pretty name.

So….if you need anything cleaned up for your project, give us a shout, reasonable rates 🙂

Did I mention it is big. The dust collection unit with filter is on the side, and venting from that is a shop vac which we use just as a catch bucket for anything the filter doesn’t catch.

So here is the AC/Alternator bracket from our SP3 build. Sure a parts washer can get some of that dirty section clean, but it would take a lot of scrubbing.

So we load it into the blaster.

And after about 3 minutes, out it comes. We will likely change to a milder media like glass, but practicing on some junk parts with the media that came with the blast cabinet is working out great.

And a couple of wheel spacers run through and a brake shield.

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