3.2L Carrera PPI

This is why you do PPI’s. Buying a car from out of state can be a gamble. This 911 came in for a PPI, but something just wasn’t right. The car felt like it was running a few cylinders short. We tested every sensor in the car thinking it had to be and air, fuel, or spark issue, but everything checked out. Then out came the leakdown and compression gauges. The results weren’t good 🙁 But…it saved an unsuspecting buyer from possibly making an expensive mistake.

After going through all the diagnostics and seeing the compression/leak down numbers, I put it in the air. YUCK! Case is covered in oil.

Valve covers and camshaft housings covered in oil.


Ewwww. The problem with some of these auction cars that get sold to small sales lots is that the guys don’t get a good look at the cars before accepting it to sell. I suppose it is part of the game.

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