A few Fridays ago we fired up the grill and threw some brats on. The occasion? Our local KC region PCAers were heading to PCA Palooza down in Eureka Springs, AR. This event has grown to epic proportions and is a lot of fun. What better way to send the caravan off with than with some hot brats for lunch! The night before, Val and Brian were scrambling to get the office finished. The old white faded paint and orange …

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Some 356 progress

Nov 20 2011 porschedoc 356 No Comments

Last week we made a little more progress on this poor abandoned child 😉 Got the bumpers on and some of the trim/gaskets along with new taillights, etc. Hopefully we can send this puppy back to it’s owner in the next week or so!

Nov 20 2011 wes Editorial No Comments

1965 289 Mustang convertible, factory a/c Back in the 60’s both mom and dad had some hot 289 Mustangs so I know they’d dig this. This baby has been parked for a decade.  After the owner spent hours and hours cleaning and relocating a large colony of mice this came to the shop for us to bring back to life in time for christmas.  Under the dust she is all there, really solid, with matching #’s.   We will pull the tank …

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Who can do this?

Nov 06 2011 wes Boxster 2 Comments

Karl is actually working on the engine of this Boxster.  I could hear him but didn’t see him… Still nothing.. Really?  inside a Boxster engine bay? I couldn’t do that if the engine was missing!

While most people were home watching the Chiefs get demolished, we were at the shop trying to catch up on some stuff. Wes finished polishing another set of headlights on a 996TT (which we also installed a short shifter in). Val painted the upstairs office/entry: While they were doing that, I decided to try and seal up some leaks on the building that we have when it rains. Part of the issue is the gutters are so clogged with junk …

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Boxster Injectors

Had a Boxster come through that was throwing some engine codes and running rough. Read down the codes and had a couple of possibilities for causes, so we started looking around. Fueling issue was the first thing to check, so I got the stethoscope out and listened to each injector. 5 had a distinct fast “tick tick tick” sound like normal, but the #3 cylinder had a “thunk….thunk……thunk” sound to it, which told me we probably have an over fueling …

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The 2nd weekly gem in the shop last week. A timing belt/waterpump/spark plug job for a friend’s kid hauler. With 100k miles on the rig, it was time to get the timing belt done. While in there, it is smart to throw in a waterpump as well, and replace the spark plugs since they were due with the mileage. We also found a leaking radiator, so had to tackle that as well. While I was across the shop cussing at …

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Nov 06 2011 porschedoc VW No Comments

Had this little gem come into the shop last week for a new tranny and a lightweight flywheel conversion. She has lived a hard life, and so getting things apart was a bit of a chore, in fact almost everything fought me from the lug bolts to the transaxle bolts, but we got it done. New tranny ready to go in. Cracked engine mount: Ouch. Old disgusting transaxle out and ready for the new clutch and flywheel Ooooh boy. Going …

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Rolled this RUF RGT through the shop this weekend. It was having an issue with the blower fan in the interior as well as a fuel gauge issue. After a little tracing, the blower fan issue was the result of a relay going bad. Then was on to the fuel sender unit. It was jammed on some hoses in the tank, so after reconfiguring that, all was well again.

997 40k Service

Brought in this nice 997 for it’s 40k service last Friday. Up for work was plugs (every 4 years now), filters, oil change, etc. Going after the air filter. The old filter was fairly dirty, so a new filter went in, along with a cabin filter on the front end. New filter going into the box. Then it was time to go after the plugs. A quick drop of the mufflers on the 997 gives easier access to #1 and …

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