The Demon Spawn: Toyota Sienna Timing Belt, Spark Plugs, Radiator

The 2nd weekly gem in the shop last week. A timing belt/waterpump/spark plug job for a friend’s kid hauler. With 100k miles on the rig, it was time to get the timing belt done. While in there, it is smart to throw in a waterpump as well, and replace the spark plugs since they were due with the mileage. We also found a leaking radiator, so had to tackle that as well.

While I was across the shop cussing at Satan’s Minion, Todd was busy cussing at The Demon Spawn. Frozen bolts on the engine stabilizer caused some issues, but he eventually got it out with some broken bolts.

After some kroil and some heat, I yanked it out with the stud puller. The housing the long bolt slides through was just packed with rust.

And our leaking radiator that needed to be replaced.

We finally wrapped it up and sent it on it’s way, ready for another 100k miles.

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