Boxster Injectors

Had a Boxster come through that was throwing some engine codes and running rough. Read down the codes and had a couple of possibilities for causes, so we started looking around. Fueling issue was the first thing to check, so I got the stethoscope out and listened to each injector. 5 had a distinct fast “tick tick tick” sound like normal, but the #3 cylinder had a “thunk….thunk……thunk” sound to it, which told me we probably have an over fueling issue on that cylinder. So out them come and off to the injector re-builder.

Driver side: Can’t even come close to getting to them, so either drop the engine or pull the airbox. I chose to pull the airbox. Since it barely comes out, it likely doesn’t go back in, so we will go to a CAI instead. Cheaper than a motor drop.

Passenger side is a bit easier with only the secondary air injection pump in the way.

Driver side with the airbox out.

Which required removing that side of the intake.


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