Another Sunday: Odds and Ends

While most people were home watching the Chiefs get demolished, we were at the shop trying to catch up on some stuff.

Wes finished polishing another set of headlights on a 996TT (which we also installed a short shifter in).

These weren't that bad, but the owner was looking for great. The passenger light is done, drivers is not.

Val painted the upstairs office/entry:

While they were doing that, I decided to try and seal up some leaks on the building that we have when it rains. Part of the issue is the gutters are so clogged with junk that when it rains it just flows over the sides of the gutters and down the side of the building where it finds a way inside. Soooo……I got out the 1920 wood ladder and went after the gutters: Since the ladder is only about 1.5 stories tall, and the building is 2, I needed a more creative way to get on the roof.

Problem solved. Interestingly enough, Wes ran and got the video camera at this point. Not sure why.

The oversized gutters had stuff packed completely to the top. I don’t think they have ever been cleaned.

After I successfully made it off the roof without dying (and we only punctured one truck tire in this process of driving through the trees to get to the back of the shop), we also took the time to set up our tire mounter and balancer (since we had to in order to replace the punctured tire on the truck, lol).


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