KCRPCA Invades RennsportKC

A few Fridays ago we fired up the grill and threw some brats on. The occasion? Our local KC region PCAers were heading to PCA Palooza down in Eureka Springs, AR. This event has grown to epic proportions and is a lot of fun. What better way to send the caravan off with than with some hot brats for lunch!

The night before, Val and Brian were scrambling to get the office finished. The old white faded paint and orange bathroom had to go:

A much better color which really made the office look great. Unfortunately, now our desks look crappy 🙂

And then Friday came, and the grill even fired up! We had a great turnout! Thanks to all the guys who came by 🙂

How many KCRPCAers does it take to change a brake light?

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