968 Fuel System Refurb

Oct 14 2010 porschedoc 968 1 Comment

Aaron dropped off his 968 the other day because it died on him and wouldn’t start on his way to work.  He had been having some wierd hesitation issues as well, so it was time to take a look at it.  Found the bad fuel pump right away, and started tearing things apart.  Since we are in there, we replaced the pump, tank screen, fuel filter, check valve, and the fuel pressure regulator.  Once inside, we found the reason for the pump failure.

Bottom exposed, pump locked up. Typically pumps die when the get something lodged in them, rarely do they die electrically with the Bosch pumps.

Ah ha, a torn fuel tank screen…..just wait it gets worse….

After draining most of the tank out and removing the screen, I saw a bunch of black particles coming out of the tank. They resembled tiny pieces of coal.

This was only the beginning. I pulled about a pint of black crap out of the bottom of the tank. Flushing over and over again, and I got it out the best I could, but there will still be some particles left in the tank. Not much we can do about that without yanking the tank.

Here you can see the pump narrows down to a very tight tolerance on the right side. Junk will get through the torn filter screen and into the pump where it lodges in that gap, and locks the pump up tight as can be.

New parts.

Old fuel filter out…..the pan was perfectly clean when I pulled the filter….

New pump installed in it’s case.

And back together. After priming the pump, she fired right up.

Tomorrow afternoon I need to flip the axles to see if we can cure a noise in the rear end. I pulled one out tonight and flipped up, but I am guessing we will need new axles in the end. 160+k miles on this car.

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October 15, 2010 at 10:38 AM

You are the man!!! Can’t wait to get it back. She sure was filthy!!!!

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