GT3RS Brake Pads

After a lot of laps, it is time for new brake pads for the project RS. After talking extensively with Fabryce at GMG, he recommended brake pads by a company called Endless (or at least that is what the pads are called). We had been running the Pagids, and he recommended these over them and the PFC’s for stopping power and still being easy on the rotors.

Rear caliper off to change the pads. On the new gt3’s, you have to pull the rear caliper to change the pads, you can’t do it through the top like you use to be able to. Spreading the pads out for new pads.

Old pads…..well are falling apart.

New pads installed.

And on to the fronts.

Fancy tool for getting the bolt out.

And spreading the front pads apart.

Front pads were falling apart as well.

New pads installed.

Then it was time to mount the fire extinguisher using the Brey Krause mount.

And the Safe Craft extinguisher.

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