996TT Clutch Accumulator

Had a 996TT come in today with a failed hydraulic accumulator.

Up in the air.  Tall rams would work best as the jack stands sit unfortunately right where you need to be working at.

The accumulator is up on the side of the slave cylinder and is a real bugger to get to.  You will need to modify a couple wrenches to get at it.  Once under the car, I realized the accumulator had been replaced before.   A little heat and a hammer on my “wrench” and i was able to get the right bend to access the accumulator.    Once you crack the accumulator loose, you might as well just walk away and let it drain.  Pentosin is incredibly slippery, and fighting through the job with fluid going in your eyes, hair, and all over your tools makes for a miserable job.

This is the new one waiting to go in.  I’ll top everything off with fluid in the morning, and this car will be ready to go.

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