Winter on it’s way out?

With any luck, we will start seeing some warmer weather.  Amazing what happens once the sun comes out, as the cars start to roll in for spring maintenance.  I think everyone is ready to kiss this crappy winter season goodbye.  While it is still a bit chilly, having the sun out makes it feel a lot warmer!  I really miss being able to work in the garage with the door open 🙂

This was just a basic inspection and oil change in preparation for some warmer weather 🙂

Found a couple of oil leaks on the bottom side of the motor.  One is the front crankshaft seal, and the other is the driver’s side chain housing.  Leaks like this are best monitored until they become a nuisance and start leaving drips on the ground.  A lot of labor to replace just a couple of cheap seals.  Nothing critical at this point.


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